Free Play • Social Awareness • Music • Art 


Alistar's Play Place is a home-based group family daycare that provides a safe space for children to explore their strengths, develop their weaknesses and shine like the stars they are. 

At Alistar's, we believe in providing a fun, nurturing environment that combines free play, curricular learning and other developmental tools to ensure that children of all stages and aptitudes can feel comfortable to be themselves. 

Alistar's caters toward children aged 6 weeks through 5 years. 

We ensure that your children are in an environment that provides ample opportunity for developing the cognitive, physical and emotional skills necessary for a firm learning foundation. 

Our Director, Ms. George, has decades of experience caring for and teaching children, previously as a nanny and night nurse. She brings structure, care and respect to all of the babies and children who grow up at Alistar's.